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What options do I have for stray dogs/cats and barking dogs?

City of Conway Animal Welfare is the city agency responsible for calls involving animals. Click here to contact them.

Should I report suspicious activity when I see it? Will it actually do any good?

The police department depends on citizens calling to report crimes and/or suspicious activity. The telecommunication personnel who take your call will ask questions about the activity to determine its nature and ask for descriptions of the person(s) and/or vehicle(s) involved. You will be asked for your name and address but you may choose to remain anonymous and we will still respond to the report.

I am interested in a career with the Conway Police Department. Where do I begin?

Click here to contact the Public Information Office.

I am going out of town on vacation. Can the police department check my residence while I'm away?

You can go to our headquarters, located at 1105 Prairie Street in downtown, Conway, and fill out a residence check form. The information will be passed on to the officers that patrol your neighborhood. While we cannot watch your house constantly, the officer will try to check on it throughout the day and night when possible.

I have been unable to make contact with someone and have tried every avenue. Will CPD deliver a message for me?

The police department will only deliver emergency, life or death, messages. 

What services are offered by the Records Section?

The records section provides answers or referrals for any questions regarding police procedures. The records section also has information about any vehicles towed by the police department. The telephone number for the records section is 501-450-6120.

Can I file a report over the telephone or is a face-to-face meeting required?

Some reports can be taken over the telephone by the police department. The telecommunication personnel that answers your call can determine if your report can be handled over the telephone.

Can I file a police report at any time of day and do I need to make an appointment?

The police department will respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week to any requests for police assistance within the city of Conway. You can come to us or we can come to you.

Will the police department assist me in retrieving my property from my ex?

The police department will send an officer to keep the peace and prevent violence while you retrieve your belongings. This is limited to a change of clothes and medication. Call the police department (501.450.6120) once you are near the location of your belongings and an officer will go to the house with you.

Is there a waiting period before I may report a missing person?

No, you may make a missing person report whenever you realize someone is missing. Reporting quickly is extremely important if that person has a social or mental disability.

Can I pay a ticket or fine at the Conway Police Department headquarters?

No, you must pay your ticket or fine at the District Court Building. You may also consider paying your fine online.

Why do dispatchers ask so many questions when I call?

Telecommunicators are trained to attempt to obtain as much information as possible to best determine the nature of the problem and its seriousness.

What are the hours of operation for the Records Section?

The Records Section is open Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 6:00pm. 

When do you offer your fingerprint services and how much does it cost?

We will provide fingerprint services on Tuesdays from 8:00am until 12:00pm. The cost is $5.00 per card.

Should I report a possible drunk driver to 911 from my cell phone?

Yes, calls to 911 on a cellular telephone are free. Do not try to pursue the drunk driver or place yourself in danger. When you call you will be asked for the vehicle description, its current location, and the direction it is going.

There is a problem with speeding vehicles in my neighborhood. What can I do about it?

Call the Police Department at 450-6120 and request additional traffic patrol in your area. You may also contact the traffic unit supervisor to request a more targeted approach.

My friend/relative is overdue in returning home. How can I find out if they have been involved in a traffic accident?

The police department's emergency operations center does not have the names of persons involved in accidents available. If a person is injured in an accident and unable to call themselves, we will notify the family.

I have no transportation options and need to get somewhere. Can CPD provide a ride for me?

No, police officers cannot provide rides. However, the department will provide telephone numbers of civic/public agencies that may assist in such a situation.

Someone has abandoned a junk car on my property. Can the police tow it away for me?

The police can only tow away vehicles abandoned on public property. Call a wrecker service in your area and the vehicle will be towed away at no cost to you. The wrecker service will notify the police department once they have the vehicle to determine ownership.

Can the police open my car if I have locked my keys inside?

Because of the potential for damage to vehicles the police department does not open locked vehicles. A local locksmith is your best alternative. If a child is locked inside the vehicle, the Police Department will send a patrol unit to remove the child from the vehicle, possibly by breaking a window. Same applies if an animal is inside and the temperatures create a hazardous condition that requires an expedited entry for safety purposes.

How can I find out if someone is in jail or any other information about persons in jail?

Call the jail information number, 501-450-4914, for any information about someone in jail. The jail is administered by the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office.

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Conway Police Headquarters

Conway Police Headquarters

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